2019 Cure the Cycle Challenge

Our sponsorship packages offer businesses, clubs, and individuals a great opportunity to gain exposure and be recognized as a philanthropic supporter of our cause. Our 2019 Challenge is an official part of the famous annual Tour of Napa Ride and Barbecue attended by over 2000 people, so our sponsors will get fantastic visibility! We have a wide range of sponsorships for all budgets and commitment levels, including in-kind sponsorships. Please consider sponsoring the Challenge at one of these levels, or email us so we can create a specialized sponsorship opportunity for you.


Platinum Sponsor

Note Only 1 available.

Challenge Platinum Sponsorship   $25,000.00
The Tour de France of sponsorships — elite commitment to the cause!

Only one Platinum sponsorship is available. Please contact CureUCD@nucdf.org for details and availability.

Visionary Matching Donor

A visionary champion of our cause - Investing in our vision of a world where no child or adult suffers or dies from urea cycle disorder. For private donors and small to medium-sized businesses.

Sponsor recognition includes:

  • Special appreciation recognition throughout the year as a champion of our cause.
  • Prominent logo placement on Challenge cycling jerseys and T-shirts, flyers, brochures, event advertisements and promo materials, special acknowledgement on Challenge website, NUCDF website (one year), Facebook and online community pages (one year).
  • Special appreciation recognition in post-event media articles.


Century Sponsors

In cycling terms, "A 100-mile ride."  A commitment dedicated to accomplishing milestones in the race for a cure for urea cycle disorders. For private donors and small to medium-sized businesses.

Sponsor recognition includes:

  • Logo placement on Challenge cycling jerseys, event T-shirts, flyers, Challenge website, NUCDF website and Facebook Page.
  • Recognition at event activities.
  • Acknowledgement in post-event media.


Echelon Sponsors

In cycling terms, "To form a line in which riders angle off behind each other to get maximum draft in a crosswind."  A commitment to helping our cause push through barriers to research. For private donors and small businesses.

Sponsor recognition includes:

  • Logo placement on Challenge event banner, T-shirts, flyers, Challenge website.
  • Acknowledgement on NUCDF website and Facebook page.
  • Acknowledgement at event activities.

Leadout Sponsors

In cycling terms, "A race tactic in which a rider accelerates to his maximum speed for the benefit of a rider in tow."  A commitment reflecting the true spirit of leadership to accomplish our research goals.

Sponsorship recognition includes:

  • Logo placement on Challenge event banner, T-shirts, Challenge website.
  • Acknowledgement on NUCDF website.

Elite Sponsors

Sponsor recognition includes:

  • Name placement on event T-shirts and banner, advertisements, promo materials, acknowledgement on Challenge website and NUCDF Facebook page.

Trail Angels and In-Kind Donations

In cycling terms, a generous individual or group that provides acts of kindness to participants in cycling events. (To arrange to make a non-cash donation of goods, services, discounts or promotional items, please contact us at CuretheCycle@nucdf.org)

Sponsorship recognition includes:

  • Equivalent cash sponsor level recognition or, minimally, logo placement on event T-shirts, flyers, Challenge website.

"How lovely to think that no one need wait a moment; we can start now, start slowly changing the world."
— Anne Frank
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